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Performance-based scheme of collaboration and a minimum guaranteed saving in the first year is provided


Deliver solutions based on IoT technology to allow for automated control and autonomous commissioning of hotel´s systems


Specialised in energy efficiency services exclusively for the hospitality sector working with world´s renowned hotel chains


Achieve energy savings by optimising the use of current facility installations without any investment required from the hotel

Monitor & Save

Monitor & Save is world´s first energy efficiency project focused on optimisation of existing facilities entirely under performance-based scheme: if there are No Savings achieved – No Fees apply for the client. It is designed exclusively for the hospitality sector and consists of the of the four main components which allow for perfectly balanced energy and operational efficiency.

Seamless energy saving is here without suffering brand standards or guest comfort!


Cloud – based Monitoring and Analytical Platform tracks energy performance progress, identifies faults and cause-effect scenarios


Identification of necessary control enhancements and upgrades to maximize building´s performance and energy saving


Machine-learning based software and tailored hardware solutions for automation of entire HVAC system of the hotel

Human Resources

Team of Energy Efficiency Engineers with extensive experience in hospitality sector, handles all the tasks related to the project

Intelligent Building Automation – Software as Performance

24/7 optimised control delivered by in-built intelligent solution perfectly tailored for your building’s needs.

Innovative solution based on Machine Learning technology which allows for intelligent HVAC management, augments operational capabilities of each individual system to maximise building value. By covering the necessary demands depending on different variables which influence energy consumption, it enhances energy savings while maintaining highest comfort standards.

intelligent building automation


Find out your potential energy savings in the fastest free way possible 

Have you ever wondered how many savings opportunities are you missing? Quimera Energy Efficiency developed an energy consumption benchmark tool that allows for enhanced understanding of building’s energy efficiency positioning by comparing it against similar properties around the world. Find out if you are paying to much for energy and identify potential energy savings:


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